Why You Should Have Medical Advantage (Part C)

May 11, 2017 - 2 minutes read

Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans offer all that is covered under Medicare (Parts A & B), except for hospice care. Insurance plans are approved by Medicare. Depending on the plan other benefits such as dental, vision and prescription drugs may also be covered.

You may be deciding on whether Part C plans are best for you, and which plan suits your needs. Medical Advantage (Part C) will provide your Part A Hospital Insurance and Part B Medical insurance rather than being covered by Original Medicare.

Benefits of the plans may include:

  • – Vision cover
  • – Dental cover
  • – A maximum out of pocket annual fee. Once that limit has been reached there is no cost for covered services.
  • – Doctor’s visits
  • – Hospital stays
  • – Home health care
  • – Outpatient care
  • – Hearing care
  • – Wellness services
  • – Nurse helpline
  • – Can include prescription drug coverage
  • – Extra benefits may be bundled with the plan

Your health is your most important asset. Having Medical Advantage (Part C) cover will bring you peace of mind over your health care needs. You will not be in a position of having to come up with large sums of money for unexpected health costs. You know that you are covered, no matter how much medical attention you need.

The wellness program contained in Medical Advantage (Part C) will have you looking and feeling your best. Take advantage of fitness programs, nutritional advice and other programs such as quit smoking, preventative health screenings, and diabetes management.

To enroll in Medical Advantage (Part C) you must be enrolled in Medicare (Parts A & B). You must also live within the service area of the plan that you wish to enroll in.

Speak to us about enrolling in Medical Advantage (Part C) insurance. We will assess your needs to find the best plan for your situation whether you are single, part of a couple or family or planning a family.